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ResidenceCarlton, Melbourne, Australia


  • Strong Perl programming skills, my principal language
  • Perl CPAN developer ID: BOWMANBS
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Linux power-user, mostly Ubuntu and Debian
  • SQL primarily with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite
  • Internet & Web development expertise using the languages above with HTML and CSS
  • Version control with git (github: bowman) and subversion.
  • Familiarity with various programming paradigms: imperative, object-oriented, functional, logical and relational
  • Haskell, learned as part of Pugs (a Perl 6 implementation in Haskell) and Project Euler
  • Solid C and C++ programming skills
  • Experience with PHP, Python, bash scripting, Lisp, Scheme, Erlang and many other languages
  • Other technical skills too numerous to mention
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong learner, able to master new languages and APIs very quickly as the following sections show


Thirteen years commercial Internet development experience with various employers in contract and permanent roles. Every employer sought to re-employ me for further work of the same high standard.

Strategic Data - Senior Programmer

2/2002 - Current

Strategic Data provides diverse data services, ranging from online surveys to data warehousing, often leveraging open source tools.

My part-time role has developed as the company has grown and encompasses: building and maintaining the architecture of core products, planning future development, reviewing code and mentoring, interviewing potential hires and hands-on programming.

Major on-going projects which I initially developed and continue to oversee include:

MDS Validator

A meta-data driven validation system used by various Commonwealth agencies to verify file submissions' basic formatting, check relational integrity, apply customized business rules and provide clear feedback and timely reporting.

The modular architecture allows custom plug-ins and rules when required and has successfully evolved over time. Initially batch processed, it was then deployed as a Windows executable with public key cryptographic file submission and now is integrated with an online work-flow for discussing and annotating issues.


Implemented and continue to develop an online survey framework. Interesting aspects include: the use of prototype inheritance to provide light-weight customization and extension, a YAML-based DSL for non-technical staff to describe complicated survey flows and validation, dynamic web-server configuration and a streaming data export system to transform data into a number of target formats.

AMHOCN - Australian Mental Health Outcomes and Classification Network

In addition to utilizing the MDS Validator, the AMHOCN project has a PostgreSQL data warehouse for statistics, analysis and reporting.

Melbourne, Australia

Next Digital formerly Web Design Group

1/2001 - 9/2001 and 9/1998

NextDigital is one of the premier Internet design houses of Australia with many of the biggest national clients.

Consulting to refactoring and improving back-end Content Management System in PHP/MySQL/JavaScript. Wrote a report for the general manager on the status of the system.

Melbourne, Australia

Sportal UK

3/1999 - 9/1999

Contracted to work with an Accenture team to build a robust, integrated portal architecture with a full suite of Internet services from email to e-commerce.

Perl development for a number of applications including InterShop enhancements and CGI scripts. Building session and user management systems based on Netscape Directory Server LDAP for a multi-site, multi-domain architecture. This involved C programming, Tcl scripting and HTTP authentication trickiness.

London, United Kingdom

Yellow Pages Australia

4/1997 - 4/1998

Internet development role on a flexible in-house team using Perl, C++ and C primarily with CGI and NSAPI. The role also required some HTML, JavaScript and Java development.

Some responsibilities and projects were:

  • Using C/C++ and NSAPI to give every directory advertiser a homepage
  • Directory search interface; refinement and results
  • Created novel tools to solve development problems; HTML to C/C++ converter, Cookie-less cookies and intranet tools for staff.
  • Using Java for stress testing applications
  • Interactive pay-phone application used on phones across Australia
  • Provided interface to dynamic street directory
  • E-commerce services creation and maintenance
  • Web-server and systems administration on Solaris and Digital/Compaq Unix platforms with Netscape Webservers
  • Contracted in 8/1998 to extend the NSAPI application

Melbourne Australia

Short-term Roles

Torrington Interactive - 6/2000 - 8/2000

Enhancing a Perl/SQL Server employment site (MS IIS) with personalization, security, dynamically generated graphics, search features and bug-fixes.
London, United Kingdom

3zero - 5/2000

Perl CGI for an e-commerce subscription service, user database, authentication and basic content management.
London, United Kingdom

Emap Online - 12/99 - 1/2000

Developing in Perl with a MySQL database and Apache on Solaris to extend functionality and improve performance for their sites. The system created uses request caching, offline content generation, conditional compilation and database tuning to return results faster.
London, United Kingdom

News International - 4/2000

Using Perl to automate content preparation for WAP and SMS subscription services.
London, United Kingdom

Oasis Communications - 2/2000

Adding features to existing Perl code as part of a training materials system using MySQL and Apache.
London, United Kingdom

Open Software Associates - 12/1998 - 1/1999

Working on a base class development team and supervising the product testing. Cross-platform GUI and event driven programming.
Melbourne, Australia

WSA Communications - 4/1998

Contracted to develop a secure e-commerce proxy for Telstra's Kahootz Internet product. Perl on HPUX server delving into the arcana of HTTP, SSL and Web clients. C and NSAPI were also required to complete the solution.
Melbourne Australia


Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science) Honours
Monash University Clayton Campus.

Completed Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science) Honours in 1998 and received first class honours.

Dux of Honours 1998 (Top Student), receiving the Open Software Associates award. The honours years involved extensive course work and a long-term research thesis.

1997-8 Honours years

Research Thesis using C++ and Scheme
 Evolving Virtual Worlds
Advanced C++ Idioms (lect: Damian Conway) 99
Cryptography and Security 92
Computer Graphics and A-Life 95
Machine Learning 86
Natural Language Processing 91
Neural Networks 88
Communication and Research Skills 90

1996 Third Year

Computer Science average 88.7%

1995 Second Year

Computer Science average 86.8%

1994 First Year

Computer Science average 90.5%

Haileybury College, Keysborough Campus 1988 to 1993

Achieved a score of 157.4 out of 164 for VCE, in the top 2% of the state approximately.


Neuroscience (computational neuroscience in particular). Simulating soft-body physics. Open source development and community (attended OSDCs, OSCON, Reading from various branches of computer science. Travel, music, capoeira, boxing and swimming.


Available on request

Brad Bowman